3 Things You Should Avoid Saying to Older Women

When talking about London Escorts, you may usually imagine young women in their teens or early twenties. However, like other things, age is just a number and some people actually prefer older women. There could be many reasons behind preferring older and more mature escorts over the young ones but the most important is experience. The mature women over 30 have enormous amount of knowledge that you may not find in a relatively younger woman.

However, please remember that when conversing with an older woman, there are a few things that you should never say. If you bring up unwanted topics, they may end up spoiling the fun for you and your lady. Most importantly remember that these women like younger men who are mature and also men who are their age or older.

Here are the 3 essential things you must avoid:

Never Ask Her Real Age

If you are a gentleman, you should know that asking a woman her age is never courteous and more so if you are trying to make out with her. When the escort comes to your room, she is willing to have fun and asking her age doesn’t do anything except spoil the magic. It cannot build any rapport, attraction or sexual tension. That’s a question enough to give you a dead end with a silence.

If you ask age, the escort may get conscious of the fact that she is not as young as others. She might even think that you are trying to compare her to other younger women you have met. So, abstain yourself from asking any such question related to her age. In case she tells her age without you asking, just say ‘cool’ as if it doesn’t matter much to you.

Never Ask About Her Kids

If you dream about having sex with a woman your age or older than you, never ever ask if she has kids as this could be another dead end question. Avoid brining up any sensitive topic that might make her conscious or uncomfortable being with you. This will also make her sound older and you much younger, thus make you both conscious about the age gap.

As much as it is an escort’s responsibility to ensure that you have a great time and feel happy with her, you should also not bring up any topic that can put her off the hook.

Don’t Act Boyish

Older woman seek company of mature young men or older males who can make them happy. So, don’t talk about immature things like a house party or gaming app. If you want to have a great time with her, let her admire the intelligence you have. The way you behave with her during your initial meeting will give her an idea of how much she will enjoy being with you.

Where To Look For Older London Escorts

While it may not be easy to find older escorts as most of the woman are under their 30s, you can still find them if you are persistent in your search. There are some agencies that have women of all ages. So, whether you are a younger man looking or an older man wanting to spend a good time with someone his age, check out the older escorts available online.