CannaOne Technologies’ CEO Solomon Riby-Williams Talks about the BloomKit Product Suite

A turn-key enterprise software solution designed to meet the needs of B2C cannabis companies, BloomKit is the first product from the suit developed by CannaOne Technologies. The Bloom Product Suite represents a complete data-driven software solution offering intelligent learning to give the clients comprehensive insights leading to powerful content and product creations.

Solomon Riby-Williams
Solomon Riby-Williams

As stated by Solomon Riby-Williams in a recent interview, CannaOne has developed three versions of the BloomKit template to be offered to the market.

It is a turn-key solution featuring an integrated dashboard which delivers easy navigation and use for users. The software also provides logistics in tracking/monitoring orders along with detailed analytics to make sure that medical and recreational sales are managed optimally. It also has aesthetic flexibility to allow creating customized storefronts for cannabis products.

Customers or investors browsing may find resemblance with existing platforms like Weedmaps or Leafly as the user interface is designed to be friendly and engaging. This platform is expected to appeal greatly to the recreational cannabis market.

The two other templates are almost ready and they target different B2C demographics geared higher towards the medical face of the industry. This is why these templates will target somewhat older consumers. An example of this template is Craft Cannabis theme that appeals to an outdoor lifestyle. Apart from the focus on health and wellness, such a template caters cannabis businesses intending to incorporate education component for the market.

BloomKit features a lot of flexibility to be able to customize templates for varied niches of the cannabis market as CannaOne and the industry continue to grow. The company incorporates its data-driven concept with each template in the entire Bloom Product Suite.